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Indian Birding Fair receiving support in Birtain

Sir David Attenborough (centre), Mr. Tim Appleton, MBE (right), having a word will Mr. Harsh Vardhan at British Bird Watching Fair, 2008.
Mr. Kevin Smith (left), on behalf of the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB), presenting binoculars and telescopes to Mrs. Rajkumari, Mr. Tom and Mr. Harsh at the British Bird Watching Fair, 2008.
Mr. Tim Appleton, MBE, organizer of British Bird Watching Fair, presenting the Merit Certificate to Mr. Harsh Vardhan and Mr. David Thelwell at the British Bird Watching Fair, 2008.
Mr. Raman Athreya (right) having discussion with Mr. Harsh Vardhan at the British Bird Watching Fair, 2008; Raman discovered a new bird species, Bugan Liocichla, in 2006, the first discovery from mainland India in 57 years (in Eaglesnest Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh).
Mr. Deepal Warakagoda, an expert bird watcher in Sri Lanka, is keen to support conservation in India, photo at BBWF, 2008.

Mr. Darren Rees, an eminent Artist in Britain, with his book at his Sterling based resort in Scotland; he will do an art-project in India. |

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