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Which species is facing threats, which habitat is being neglected, who is monitoring endangered species in his or her region/habitat....?

Government has limitations. Private persons can contribute voluntarily. You are welcome to inform better and more. Examples of colleagues are given here.

  • Mr. Shatrujeet Singh Shahpura who is guarding Lesser Floricans in his area (Shahpura, Bhilwara, Rajasthan) observing the birds during July-August, which reach the grassland and agriculture fields for breeding during monsoon.
  • Mr. Peter G. Kaestner, the best birder in world from USA, informing about his sightings eg Great Indian Bustard.
  • Mr. Gopi Sundar working on Crane Conservation in association with International Crane Foundation, USA.
  • Dr. Asad Rahmani contributing on wetland conservation through his new publication on all the Ramsar Sites in India, and championing the cause of Bustards.
  • Mr. Bachu Singh contributing on aquatic vegetation and birds of Keoladeo National Park.
  • Mr. Govind Yadav keeping an eye on Man Sagar birds, identifying new species here.
  • Dr. Rajkumari Jones representing in UK, working on squirrel conservation… |

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