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Paradise Lost

Keoladeo National Park (KNP), Bharatpur, ALERT!

This world famous bird sanctuary and wetland habitat at Bharatpur in the state of Rajasthan in India has been rapidly disappearing since the completion of Panchana Dam in 2005 above the river Gambhir, which provided flowing water every year to this unique Park during the months of monsoon (July – August).

Despite public outcry and representations by national and international conservation bodies, the fate of KN Park – a Ramsar Convention and UNESCO World Heritage site - hangs in the balance.

KN Park’s 28.72 sq km consist of wetland, grassland and woodland, and support around 370 species of birds, 375 species of flowering and 91 of aquatic plants. It is vital to hundreds of thousands of migratory birds. The park needs 550 million cu ft of flowing water each year, d during monsoon, which came from Gambhir river prior to the building of the dam.

Sarus Cranes and the Park in its hey-day

Sarus Cranes in Dry Land

Siberian Cranes at Park
Guides yes, jobs No
Painted Storks in hey-day
Totally Dry
Protest to get water for Park
Protest to get water for Park
Supreme Court's C.E.C. at Park

Read the Report and Have your say as to what should be done to save this “Ecologically Fragile” but species rich habitat.

The status to date is:

• 2005: Centrally Empowered Committee (CEC) Report in response to an application made by Mr Harsh Vardhan, Hon. Secretary of the NGO, Tourism & Wildlife Society of India, recommended release of water from Panchana Dam to keep KN Park alive.

Report not accepted by the Government of Rajasthan.

• January 2005 : 8th Indian Bird Fair in Jaipur, organised by the Tourism & Wildlife Society if India, was devoted to raising awareness about the plight of the KN Park.

It certainly raised awareness and gave support to the stakeholders.

• November 2007: the Government of Rajasthan gave assurance that a 17 km long pipeline to supply flowing water to the KN Park will be completed by June 2008.

This work has not even begun yet.

• 14 May 2008: the reason given for inaction “no money with the state Government” for the job, which is estimated to cost 650 million rupees (approx. £8million). Conservationists told to seek other sources of funds.

The state Government was persuaded to send a Letter ( 24 May 2008) to the Centrally Empowered Committee (CEC) of the Supreme Court of India to sanction financial assistance for this pipeline from the huge funds lying with this Court in New Delhi.

Nothing has happened since 2005. The proposal to supply flowing water to the Park from Goverdhan Drain through a 17 km. long pipeline is still not implemented, which should be the lone hope to meet needs of this Park.

Alert! The nesting season in KN Park began in June 08. It rained well in the water shed of the Park. As a result there was sufficient water during 2008-09. Heronries took place. Migratory birds settled in. Thanks to the God, not to the Government. The same situation prevails during 2009-10.

Watch this space for the latest News and update on the Keoladeo National Park. And do contact if you need specific ad authentic details.

Best time for birds again at Keoladeo National Park (2008-09)

Painted Storks at nests.
Openbilled Stork.
Nature Guides' feast to celebrate the glory.
Painted Stork.
Painted Storks saving eggs from sun.
Grey Nightjar. |

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